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    Welcome to Mystic Magix's new website. We are always changing to better the community and our next step was a forums site. Currently the site is in development so if there are any issues with ranks/permissions let the Owners know in the Discord so that they can be updated here if you are not able to properly show what the issue is here on the site.

    Staff Update
    Our staff team is ever changing as well. We currently are looking for more Helpers and Moderators for our servers that are developed and the ones being developed now behind the scenes. If you wish to join us as a staff member apply here:

    Want to join the fun with the community and staff team but don't want to send messages in game or on the forums, join our growing and changing discord. We enjoy seeing new faces in the calls or chats. Discord is where our staff are most active for quick support or chatting with other players.

    Server Update
    Our current servers that have been alpha tested are Survival, Creative, and SkyBlock.
    Survival: Normal vanilla server with no altercations...yet. This server is not a run of the mill survival server it has extreme terrain to build on, mine in, or climb over.
    Creative: Not a normal Creative server with plots. This server has custom amplified terrain so that players can claim land and build without having to build their own terrains. This idea allows players to make unique builds with groups on mountains or in valleys that isn't normally allowed on plot servers.
    SkyBlock: Almost a normal SkyBlock server. We allow several types of islands, that also vary in difficulty. Up to four players can play on an island together at a time. Compete to be the top island by building the biggest and most valuable island on the server.

    We are built for the community by the community. We will stand by that 'til the end of this network. We strive to be unique on the most common servers out there. We have a new server that has not been done before (Survival Islands). This server has to be custom developed by our development team. Our Factions server will be unlike others, with custom factions, buffs, wars, and point systems at the end of the six months. Invite friends and conquer the network together on We look forward to seeing each and every one of our wonderful community members there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.