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    Welcome to Mystic Magix's updated website. We are always changing to better the community in any way we can. The website was just finalized today and we will be continuously adding new tabs or forum area to better the community. If something is lacking in our forums let us know and we will look into it.
    Staff Update
    Our staff team is ever changing as well. We currently are looking for more Helpers and Builders for our servers that are developed and the ones being developed now behind the scenes. Helper positions are only open on SkyBlock/Survival Islands Staff Team, so if you apply and get accepted for help that is the team you will be joining. If you wish to join us as a staff member apply here:
    Discord Update
    Want to join the fun with the community and staff team but don't want to send messages in game or on the forums, join our growing and changing discord. We enjoy seeing new faces in the calls or chats. Discord is where our staff are most active for quick support or chatting with other players. We have just added a new ticket bot for text support and a Voice Chat Room for screen sharing support and one on one help.
    Server Update
    Our current servers that have been alpha tested are Survival, Creative, and SkyBlock.
    Survival: Normal vanilla server with no altercations...yet. This server has some new ideas that will be coming soon, such as: land claiming (to protect the goods and builds you make), Bosses and enchants, and finally, maybe a new class selection.
    Creative: Not a normal Creative server with plots. This server has been in testing since the beginning, since it is different from how others do it the land claiming has been altered and fixed a few times. We are still adding commands to players roles and staff weekly.
    SkyBlock: Almost a normal SkyBlock server. Join our staff team and community in competing to be the top island. The islands level is based off of what blocks have been placed and how large the islands have become. Want to be number one, build a big island that is superior to others. Want to see others islands teleport around with warps to see how others are progressing.
    We are built for the community by the community. We will stand by that 'til the end of this network. We strive to be unique on the most common servers out there. We currently have not started on the next two servers because of wanting to update and work on perfecting current issues on the released ones. We are currently working on updating the servers in the future to limit the plugins on each one to only a couple which will reduce lag for players and will allow more to join smoothly. We do not have plans to restart any worlds in the near future, but that is not to say it won't happen later on. We want to give players enough time to build everything they want and survive with friends. Our next update for the old servers will be packed full of new ideas from staff and the community. Invite friends and conquer the network together on We look forward to seeing each and every one of our wonderful community members there.
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