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What gamemode do you like the most? (As of time of writing there are 3)

  1. Survival

  2. Creative

  3. Skyblock

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    Hello fans (or haters) of Mystic Magix,

    My name is Tristan but I am known, and like to be addressed by, Tmob. I am 12 years old ;-; and I really like playing video games. My top five games or game series would be as follows.
    1. Half-Life 2
    2. Minecraft
    3. Portal 1-2
    4. Legend of Zelda games
    5. Left 4 Dead 2
    I also own six video game consoles being, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Nintendo Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox.
    I don't like playing sports very much, running around and getting sweaty isn't my cup of tea. Then again, when I think about it tea isn't my cup of tea either.
    Now about me on this lovely Minecraft server. I'm a moderator for survival and creative. I joined the staff team on August 11th of 2019, but joined Mystic Magix sometime in late June. Even though I just started as a moderator I feel that I've learned a lot about being kind towards all, the server is built by the community, so respect them. Last thing before I head off, I live in CST and fastest way to contact me is Discord, tmob#5220.


    P.S Please don't kill me for being 12, I promise I won't scream and throw a fit at you. ;-;